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Ambevilence "ST" _ 10" EP _ Sepulchral Voice


Abyssic, boundless & unique Metal of the blackest Death
in form of two abundant compositions.
Originally the band released both trax in a different/shortened version in 2014
on a strictly limited tape edition by HTC that was sold out in a few days.
This time both songs are expanded by ingenious ambientlike intro- and
outroduction themes which were not included on the first publication. So, now
the tracks are complete in themselves and on the ultimate level of perfection.
This is the final and intended version of both spells in its utter entireness.
From hammering staccato drumming and swirling riffs to slow droning dissonances
each track creates its own magick. Let loose when listening to them and the
songs will speak to you in a language of desperation, foreboding & certainty.
Call it -cosmic horror-, call it -soundtrack to the ultimate voidor simply call it -deathlike silence-.

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