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Geodetic " Cold Lights" _ 12" LP _ Instruments of Disciplines


Geodetic is the joint venture of well-known Italian experimentalist Claudio Rocchetti, a close collaborator of Valerio Tricoli, and Jukka Reverberi, founder of post-rock band Giardini di Mirò and half of cosmic electro-disco duo Crimea X.

Instruments of Discipline is proud to release ‘Cold Lights’, Geodetic’s second EP, the follow up to ‘Broken Consonance’, released on Maple Death Records earlier this year. ‘Cold Lights’ is an avant-garde undertaking that artfully weaves soundscapes that swing between murky industrial atmospheres to moments of uplifting levity, all held together by strong rhythmic grooves, a collage of at times familiar sounds juxtaposed into an altogether unfamiliar whole.

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